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About Sport Compass

Sport Compass was created by Sport New Zealand to help people who run sport and recreation organisations.

Use it like a regular compass, to find out what direction to take.

Sport Compass is also a tool for the people who guide sport and recreation organisations. They can use it to frame their work, promoting consistency and efficiency throughout the country.

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Why do I need a compass?

There is so much you could do. Maybe the people around you all have different ideas about what needs to be done? Maybe you're struggling to cope? Maybe you are doing okay but have some big goals? Maybe you would like to feel more confident?

Sport Compass will help you decide and agree with other people the most important things to do right now to improve your organisation. It might help you and others realise how far you have come already.

Once you know your direction Sport Compass and your mentor can lead you to advice and resources.

Will it suit my organisation?

Sport Compass was released on 29 Sep 2016 with one core module to suit small to mid-sized organisations. More detailed modules for larger organisations will be added over time. Even if you are from quite a large organisation you might find the core module for small to mid-size orgs interesting and useful. When you set up your organisation you can choose which modules are right for you.

Each module has three levels. Success for some organisations will mean they operate at Level One in core areas. Larger or more established organisations might expect to operate at Level Three in many topic areas.

More information about the development of Sport Compass and the approach is available here.

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